Friday, July 25, 2008

Fond Remembrances of April Foolery

I was just thinking today of the very funny conversation I had with a few girls from a forum I frequent and help moderate. It was on April 1st. These two girls will be given new names for this blogpost, though they might come upon this and reveal their identity, because really I don't think they'd mind if I told you who they were...are... but the conversation is just a tad bit embarrassing for three book-loving, good-spelling young ladies such as we. ;)

I started it by writing in my signature, an April Fool's Joke: "Fownder of the Almost-Illiterate Teens Club!! Join 2day!!!1!1"

Girl #1: *snickers* Ooh! can i like, join ur club??!

Me: yah, im tryng to recrooit (sp????) more members.

Girl #1: *feels the need to use some large and intelligent-sounding words to make up for the ghastly chatspeak she used above, but of course cannot think of anything decent*

Me: Grandiloquent
Xenophobia (fear or hatred of strangers...)
Meshugga (Yiddish/Hebrew or something. Means crazy or stupid. Love that word.)
Brodingnagian (Of gigantic size. WHOA!)
Tinctumutation (change of colour)

Girl #2: Ooooooh, can i like join the club, [Girl #1] and delany?? it souns lyk my kinda thing totally!!!

Girl #2: of corse!!! And I'm sure that [Girl #3] will want to join too. its her type of club for shore.

(Man...I'm really not good at this grammar-killing stuff...)

Me: OMG, now we have like, 3 mmbers totul!


Girl #3: o i like wanna b in yr club like let me joyn i wanna like so so bad. [Here she posted numerous smiley faces and emoticons] omg like boks r so last year like i think mk-up is like so kewl

(This is fun!)

Girl #2: You are a natural!

Girl #1: Ack! Don't insult her!

did u here about Zac Ephron being cast as Youstance (sp???) So awesem, i loved hsm.

*is tired already, and wonders how genuine chatspeakers manage it*

We all got pretty tired of it at that point. It really is sort of exhausting, and we did need those words like "brobdingnagian" and "tinctumutation" to feel that not all of our brain cells had died. ;)


Alyosha said...

*sputters tea all over her screen* Ahahaha...that was funny. (And even more exhausting than Barnesweb.) Good times. ;)

bookbutterfly said...

Delaney, that was HILARIOUS!! *rolling on the floor laughing* I'm starting to imagine the conversation in a valley girl-accent, which makes it even funnier. :D

Anonymous said...

roflol!lyk,that was amzng!cant believe u went thru talkin lyk dat.u crack me up. ;)

Okay, okay, I don't rly speak lyk dat (haha). Okay, I'll stop it.

Anyway, great post. I remember having a similar conversation with one of my friends (*mispelling* all the words). It was fun for the first minute or so... ;)

Raewyn said...

Ha! That's sounds so funny! And exhausting. ;) Hee hee.

I'm glad you're back, Delaney! Do I really look like you imagined? *blushes* Thank you!

That was the FT forum, right?

P.S. Is Alyosha the Alyosha from the forum? :)

Miss C.N.W. said...

Sis, can I link your blog to my Catholic blogs?

Delaney said...

@Miss C.N.W. - Yes, of course!

@Grace - No, this is a different forum, Maidens of Modesty. :) And yes, the same Alyosha.

@Rebecca Joy - Hehe. :D

Miss C.N.W. said...


btw, did you feel the earthquake we just had?

Delaney said...

Yes! It only lasted about 5 seconds up here, though, and my sister didn't even realize it was an earthquake. :P

Hannah said...

MOG LOL that was like totaly awsme!!!!!!! I'll shut up.....That was hilarious! I didn't even know that we knew what all that chatspeak meant!