Sunday, October 26, 2008

Et Cetera

I read yesterday that Martin Luther wanted to get rid of the book of James from the Bible because of chapter 2 verses 24 and 26:

"You see that a person is justified by his works and not by faith alone... As the body apart from the spirit is dead, so faith apart from works is dead."

Obviously this doesn't jibe with his Sola Fida doctrine. *hugs the book of James tightly* But since I'm Catholic I would have had it in a bible eventually anyways. ;) I say eventually because for the first 13 years of my life I was Protestant and might never have known there was an epistle of James (not that I knew what an epistle was till last year. I guess I thought it was something similar to an apostle...)

I went to my friends' birthday party today (some of you may know Hannah and Lainey). 'Twas much fun. :) I was rather singled out by their 3-year-old brother and heard a great deal about his brother's Legos. Some of the conversation was really priceless. He told me about his father's many tools and cool garage. "Does your daddy do cool stuff?" he asked me. "My daddy plays guitar," I said, smiling. "My daddy has a cartar!" he told me excitedly. Hehehe! My brother just calls them "'tars." And my sister Courtney used to call them "kintars."

Speaking of funny children, we have all these old video tapes of me singing my little heart out when I was three years old. First it was Over The Rainbow. Dressed in a Dorothy dress, of course. I remember one time I walked into the playroom at a Christmas party and announced to the rowdy looking boys climbing on the toys that I was Dorothy Gale from Kansas. "Dorothy WHALE" they taunted. I wasn't hurt. Just a little confused and indignant. Mostly indignant. I left the room and didn't bother my head about them anymore. Silly boys.

Next it was Bye Bye Birdie. My mom was in the show when I was 3 or 4 (she was in a little group of back-up singers for Conrad Birdie), and so she had the old movie. I really liked that opening song (now I can't stand it). We have videos of me singing loudly and mournfully that there was "no more sunshine/It followed you away."

Then, around the same time, my parents had me advertise little boxes of food and such and do pretend commercials.
Me: Would you like to buy this... (Mom, prompting, "Mango tea,") Mango tea?
Dad: Well, tell me why I should.
Me: 'Cause... it's MANGO TEA! And it's very sweet, it has licorice in it.

Ah, licorice. I never considered using it as a sweetener... Then next:

Me: Would you like to buy this diet cooowke? (Said with an English accent. I don't know WHERE it came from) It's very healfy. 'Cept it has cawffeine in it. (Again, don't know where the accent came from. Too many movies, maybe?)

I guess I've always had a bit o' the stage in my soul, hm?

Oh, yes: For those of you interested in my Music Man adventures, rehearsals are coming along fine. I'm even getting the dances down. Not doing them well, I admit, but at least I sort of know what I'm supposed to be doing. ;) We blocked "Piano Lesson" on Wednesday. One of the best things about having double or triple cast characters is watching the other actors doing what you're supposed to do, and seeing how it looks. And that scene really looks so fun.


Q said...

Silly Martin Luther. "If the facts do not support the theory, they must be discarded."

Edge said...

*grabs onto James as well* No, Martin! You can't have James! I love that book :p

Your theatre projects sound like a blast. I really hope I can be in something while I"m in college. I'm probably not a terrific actor, but if I could do a small part and backstage stuff...

Alyosha said...

*Alyosha decides to play the devil's advocate--er--not literally, you understand*

I assure you that most Protestants are fully aware of the book of James, including that verse. :P (Obviously Luther wasn't successful in his venture--we don't look up to him as a god or anything; he was fallible like the rest of us.)

I don't see how James contradicts the Sola Fida doctrine any more than Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 3:28, or Romans 11:6 (among others) contradict Catholic doctrine. Though I would be interested in finding out how Catholics explain those verses...need to look that up.

Little kids are so much fun to just be around and observe--for some reason I can communicate with them (and with adults) much more easily than with people my own age. Not to mention their extreme quotability. :P

The idea of a little Delaney declaring her Ozzian identity is very amusing. Poor unenlightened boys.

Perhaps I shall give The Music Man another try, if only to see what sort of person this Mrs Paroo is.^^

Delaney said...

Oh, no, I know that! I said Luther *wanted* to get rid of it, not because of the whole book, just because of that verse. Luther taught that we are saved not by our works but by our faith alone, and that verse very clearly disproves that. But as the verse goes, "faith without works is dead," it also goes the other way around: "works without faith is dead."

Alyosha said...

*blinks and reminds self to read more carefully next time* Er. Right. ;)

Miss C.N.W. said...

I think someone should come to my half-birthday dinner thing... because my birthday stunk and we're trying to make up for it. lol.

Owan said...

Brennan Manning didn't bother explaining those verses in The Ragamuffin Gospel either. *mutters*

I don't think it's your faith that saves you. Faith, after all, hasn't got any power. It's what you putting your faith in that radiates the power, as much or as little power as the thing posesses. You put you faith in the chair when you sit down, your trusting it to hold you up. Does your faith make the chair hold you up? No. If you put you faith in a chair you just made out of toothpicks and cotton balls will your faith give it the power and stability to hold you up? No!

Is it your works that save you? What about the people who said "Lord, Lord" and did all kinds of works for Him but didn't enter into His rest?

My Mom is reading a book about this currently. It seems that the faith comes first. You believe and trust and love God and the "good works" just come naturally. You care about the people around you.

It's all very confusing.

Great post! The commercials are cute. ;D

Courtney said...

hahaha! this one made me laugh :D! yeah, we have lots of home videos of my sister and i. haha, and the embarassing picture that my grandmother never forgets to put on the Christmas tree every year of Hannah and in hula skirts and the such. haha! good times.

you are staying quite busy Delaney! oh my word! i cant imagine!

Angel_Horses said...

Yeah, I heard that about Luther cutting it out, and then it getting put back in later, lol.
Ooh, this is the first time I've commented on your blog, triplet! Return the favor pretty please? No one seems to be posting on my (and Bridget's) blog lately :'(