Monday, November 24, 2008

I Love You People

I came home from an interesting Music Man rehearsal to find myself awarded on my dear Lady Rose's blog, tagged by Katie, and begged to update by the same. You dear, dear people certainly know how to make a person feel loved. So Katie, I will do your meme the next time I get on the computer, because the nearest books are all schoolbooks. :P

Lady Rose awarded me this lovely award on her blog:

Thank you! I award... ah... Elenatintil, Leigha, Serendipity, Miss C.N.W., Olivia, The Real Katie, and Alyosha.

Now, some updates: I mentioned that we had an interesting Music Man rehearsal tonight. Let me tell you about that...

Last week, our musical director told us that we would have a "special guest" tonight. "He's had a lot of experience, and you're going to like him," she promised. Tonight, before my younger sister's rehearsal, we were talking to a friend of hers. "You're in for a surprise tonight," she said. "You mean you know who the special guest person thingy is?" (That was his nickname before we knew who he was: Special Guest Person Thingy.) "Yeah, but I can't tell," said the friend. That was only mildly aggravating.

Then my sister and her friends went in, and some of my group people arrived. So we were all talking about character shoes and movies and dancing and such, when we heard the younger crowd screaming inside as the real special guest person thingy entered. So one of the girls peeked in... and saw a guy standing on the stage. "That's him? I don't recognize him," she said. I peeked. "That's what they were screaming about?" I thought, "Hmm..."

Then I started talking to people again. And another scream was heard. The girls peeking in the window jumped back with a gasp. "Oh... it's... it's..."

Then one girl said, "Oh no! I really don't like High School Musical!"

Yes. It was Corbin Bleu, from High School Musical. There was general pandemonium outside, ranging from, "Noooooo!" to "Hm... wow..." and "Really?" Then more people arrived, peeked, and shrieked and "Corbin Bleu is here!!!" was whispered constantly for the next 15 minutes.

So, yeah. He gave a talk on theatre and acting, and answered questions (among them, "Is that your real hair?" HA) which was neat. And a lot of people went up and got his autograph. And we danced the Shipoopi for him. Hahaha... yeah, that's coming along pretty well, actually. :) But... the screaming... squealing... whispering. Fans scare me.

AND THEN came the really exciting part. ;) We learned part of "Marian the Librarian"!!! I was so excited to learn that the ensemble gets to dance in that song! I was beginning to think we wouldn't. That dance is probably going to be my favorite. That, and "Trouble." :)

I got some cavities filled today. My teeth are still in pain... but the dentist said that I'll probably have "sensitivity" for the next two weeks to two months. Fun. My mouth was numb for about two hours. I had a lot of fun poking, scratching and pinching my chin to see if I would feel anything at all. I didn't. :D (Yes, I get enjoyment out of strange things.)

Have a lovely week, everyone!


Alyosha said...

I forgot to beg for an update? Gah! How could I? Oh well *reads update with interest*

HA! that's hilarious. Lainey gets to share a dentist as Zack Efron, you get to dance for Corbin Bleu... now aren't you Californians lucky. (I couldn't even tell you which character he plays in HSM, but his name sounds like a chicken dish my mum used to make. It was an excellent dish, by the by.)

Is it his real hair? That question has always plagued me. Haunting, doncha know.

An award! why thank you. Very kind. And congratulations on receiving it, yourself. =D Now, to see what it's all about...

Cavities. Ow. But yes, the amusements provided by anesthesia are some comfort. (Particularly in the nether-regions between the numb and the normal; it feels a bit like one was electrocuted. Exciting, no?)

Best of luck with The Music Man! The performance is in January right? I wish I could see it!

Owan said...

Congratulations on getting the Butterfly Award!! You deserve it, I doubt not. And a congarats to the people you awarded it to. :D

*finds the Corbin Bleu part too funny* So you really didn't care at all that he was there? Fans can be a bit disturbing, uh-huh. ("Am I the only one here who's in love with Joel Smallbone?!" And how is it that singers always hold the mix out to the fan who can't sing?)
You will have to mention this in the next "met someone famous" thread. ;)
And Corbin Bleu isn't all bad if you remove the fact he's in HSB and sings weird songs. I actually kinda-sorta-in-a-way-you're-gonna-kill-me-for-this like one of his movies. Jump In has a typically uninteresting and stupid story line, the characters tend to be annoying, but the Double Dutch factor is kinda cool. :D

*will have to look up those dances on YouTube or see if the library has The Music Man*

Two months?! Ow! I do hope the "sensitivity" doesn't last that long.

Olivia said...

Thank you Delaney! : ) <3 <3 <3 !!!

Rose said...

Wow Corbin Bleu? I'm not a fangirl or any thing... but that's pretty cool!

Miss C.N.W. said...

I LOVE that there was a celebrity and you were like "Oh... okay... well, then we rehearsed..." and didn't freak out! You are definitely my sis! lol.

I can't wait to see the play. I will drive up for it, if that's okay with you. :D

The Real Katie said...

thanks Delaney!

I want to see your play, but Connecticut is a wee bit far. I don't think I could talk my mom into it. :)

I'm jealous of you getting to see Corbin Bleu! Even if you don't like HSM, that's still pretty awesome!

Judi said...

Wow..that is really cool that Corbin Bleu was sister would die..she's a real big fan..I don't really like him..except for when he sang that song "I don't dance"..:D

I got cavaties filled a little while ago and I poked myself constantly, too! I love to see if I can feel it or not..:D We're both weird.. :)

Lostariel said...

Well, you met Corban Bleu. I can't help feeling slightly jealous even though I despise HSM.

(Oh, this is Anna from ApricotPie, if you were wondering. I found your blog through Tamerah's. :D)

Delaney said...

@Aly - Yes, it's his real hair. :P

@Owan - I wouldn't say I didn't care. I feel honored that he came to share some of his experience with us. But I didn't go crazy. :P

@Miss C.N.W - YAY! I can't wait till you see it too. :P I'll email you as soon as I know what shows I'm going to be a lead in.

@Anna - Hi! Thanks for visiting! I didn't actually meet him. I just listened to him talk. ;) Some people got autographs, though.

Erin said...

Oh my that's SO cool! What sorts of things did he say about acting??