Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monsters, souls and lollipops

Dad: When I was a youngster, and I would sleep at my aunt's house, she had this big closet that faced the bed, and I always thought there was a monster in it.
4-year-old Noah: (licks his lollipop, looking mildly amused)
Dad: So I would jump out of that bed and SLAM that closet door!
Noah: But Daddy, you didn't have to be afraid! I was with you! I was 'tecting you! ('Tecting = Protecting in 4-year-old language)
Dad: You were? When I was a little boy?
Noah: Uh-huh!
Dad: Hm. Then I guess souls must just be stacked up, waiting to come down. (He goes on about souls for a little while)
Noah: Are you talking about my lollipop?

I guess the term "your soul" could mean anything to someone who doesn't know what it really is.