Friday, June 5, 2009

Highlights of this week...

#4: Playing music from Pride & Prejudice. I get so lost in that music. I start to play, and if everything is quiet and no one disturbs me, I go into a little world of my own. The notes and melodies take on separate personalities, and sort of... talk to each other in my head. Does that sound crazy? Don't answer that.

#3: Watching series two of The Roman Mysteries tv show. It may even warrant a whole blog post of its own.

#2: Catching up with my first ever best friend. I hadn't talked to her in years, because she moved to South Carolina and didn't get any of my emails and lost my phone number (because I also moved). She moved back to CA, and I found her on Facebook last week. It has been so wonderful to talk to her again!

#1: An impromptu concert at an out-of-tune piano. After a music rehearsal for Twelfth Night (at the house of Mrs. V - I've talked about the V's on here before), I sat down at the piano and started playing All I Ask of You, from The Phantom of the Opera. Decently. Little V the Elder came up and began to sing along. This girl is 10 years old and has a VERY strong soprano. She's learning an aria from The Magic Flute in her voice lessons. I absolutely love her, by the way. :D So she was singing, and I kept playing... badly. I get really nervous when people stand over my shoulder while I'm playing. And then this guy, who is, as of that night, our guitarist for Twelfth Night, came up behind me and started singing with Little V. Even worse for my performance at a piano than a sister or friend standing over me, is a perfect stranger. But I decided I didn't care how badly I was playing - as they say, the show must go on. :) Pretty soon even I was singing to my horrible accompaniment, and I was trying not to giggle. There we were: a ten-year-old opera star-to-be, a home-schooled theatre junkie, and a high school guy in a metal band, singing Andrew Lloyd Weber, just... because. Because spontaneity is so lovely.

There was also some rather awful parts of this week, but I won't go into those here. It feels like winter today. I'm even drinking hot cocoa and wearing a sweater... in California!


Anonymous said...

Ah, playing music from Pride and Prejudice sounds LOVELY. I would LOVE to do that! :D

And about number one: WAY TOO FUNNY!!!! But VERY cute! :D

Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

Impromptu concerts may not be the most polished, but I definitely think they're the most fun!

Your last paragraph describes me! June, California, sweater, hot chocolate... yup, that's where I am, except I added on the movie [i]Coal Miner's Daughter[/i] to go with the hot chocolate. The rainy weather outdoors called for a little bit of warmth, song, and coziness indoors.

Trina said...

Wow, it was cold here today, too. But that's typical for MN :P

Kinda makes me wish Global Warming was real. :D

The Other Katie said...

About the notes having personalities and talking to each other.....they're like that for me too! So don't worry, you're not crazy. Or maybe you are and I am too.....ah, well. :-P