Sunday, September 21, 2008


My dear friend (and Fairy Tale Forum "auntie"), Lady Rose presented me with this award.

Thanks so much, auntie! :D

Now, for who I want to give this award to... that's hard. I want to award it to everyone who visits my blog, really. Every comment you leave here really makes my day. Q is my very most faithful commenter, and I don't return the favor on her blog half enough! Grace's comments are always very long and full of life and joy - it's infectious, really. ;) Alyosha's comments nearly always make me snigger, and make me see things in a more Phlegmatic-Melancholy light that's good for me when my brain is like it is now (drowning in hot cocoa). And I always love hearing from my dear sister (ok, adopted online sister, but we really are sisters in Christ!) Miss C.N.W. and my adopted "Mother," Elenatintil.

But I think who I'd really like to give this award to is Courtney, a girl I met through the blogging world, by idly looking through the profiles of Bloggers who listed Bella in their favorite movies. As soon as I saw the banner at the top of Courtney's blog that said, "As for my and my blog, they will serve the Lord" I kept reading. She's a kindred spirit and when she leaves a comment on my blog, it brightens my day. Not only does she comment on what I've written, but she usually asks further questions and I always feel she's interested in my thoughts. Thanks, Courtney!

And many thanks to the rest of you "super commenters!"


Courtney said...

awwww! thank you so very much Delaney! you blog is such a joy and delight to me, and i have enjoyed getting to know you through it! you seem like such a special and joyous girl and your blog is always sure to brighten my day! and truthfully, i AM interested in you and your fun thoughts!
keep blogging and sharing with us readers what your up to! perhaps someday we can meet in person! ^_^
you again for this sweet reward!

Q said...

Here I am! I really only comment when I have something to say, so I guess for your blog I have something to say most of the time!

Elenatintil said...

I love reading and commenting on your blog, Delaney! Probably because we have very similar taste in what we like to read and discuss!

Keep us updated on Music Man, please!

Miss C.N.W. said...

We may not be blood related but we are both daughters of God therefore we are sisters. :D *big sisterly hug*