Saturday, December 13, 2008


I had the following conversation at the dentist's office. We've been going there for years.

Note: All the dentists there are from the Philippines, so you must imagine everything the dentist says with an accent.

Dentist: So... you are almost 16, Delaney?
Me: Uh-huh (I had my mouth open)
Dentist: You have boyfriend?
Me: (In an "oh-dear-what-an-idea voice) Ha, no.
Dentist: (Laughing) You don't want one?
Me: No, not for quite a while yet.
Dentist: Oh, you are so good. Your parents will not have to worry. I wish all teenagers were like you.
Me: ... (I wasn't sure what to say)
Dentist: Maybe in college you will have boyfriend?
Me: Maybe.
Dentist: If you went to The Real School, you would have boyfriends. The boys would be chasing you, because you are very pretty. That is one good thing about home-school: you are safe!

Inside my head I was chuckling and thinking, "Thank you, Lord, I am SAFE!"


Courtney said...

LOL :D wow! he responded very nicely to your "no"! almost everytime someone asks me the dreaded 'boyfriend' question and i say no, their response is normally "*gasp!* *horrors!* but boyfriends are WONDERFUL! you NEED a boyfriend!" lol...yeah...i dont think i NEED one...haha. :)

i <3 the new blog name btw!

Delaney said...

Actually, the dentist was a "she." I would have been rather freaked out if it was a "he."

Thank you, Courtney! Update your blog soon; I miss your posts. :)

Alyosha said...

LOL! Yes, we're glad you're SAFE too :P

My dentists are from the Philippines also. (Unless it was Malaysia.) Is this a common occurrence?

Love the new header and title =D

Delaney said...

I don't know... it seems to be, doesn't it?

Thank you! I'm so glad you like them. :D They make me feel more like blogging. :P

cuileann said...


Elenatintil said...

Ha! What a cute converstaion! Thanks for sharing!

Serendipity said...

Hehe, that's hilarious! Glad to be SAFE!

Miss C.N.W. said...

Haha! Wait until you're my age and they'll be asking you if you're married. Oy. Seriously, I get asked that way too often.

Olivia said...

Lol : ) Wow, that's funny : ) Dentists always seem to be ones for interesting conversations, don't they? : )

The Other Katie said...

How sweet! It's nice that someone appreciates you not wanting a boyfriend. What creeps me out is when 11-year-olds say "And omgosh, like, I have a boyfriend!" Yikes. It's nice to be "safe"!

The Real Katie said...

Too cute!! :)