Monday, April 28, 2008

A Bookshelf for Delaney - A Picture Blog

Once upon a time there was a girl named Delaney. She bought so many books that eventually she was buried alive in them. The End.

Luckily, that's not a true story (yet)! But it was beginning to look like it might be! Behold:

Yes, folks, that's about how many books I usually have stacked up beside my bed. And this is what I had in a bin under my bed:

We had talked about my desperate need for a bookshelf, but furniture is expensive. And I can't have any old bookshelf, you know. So last night I decided to do something about it.

In the closet in the room I share with my sister, there are two dress-up bins, (With clothing and costumes from when my mother was young), a bin full of shoes (most of which we have outgrown) and a bookshelf, which was more of a magazine/notebook/scrapbook/old book/paper shelf. It was very ugly. Last night we cleaned that out, moved the bins into the part of the closet where the bookshelf was, and moved the bookshelf so that we could actually get to it. We threw a lot of stuff away, and now all my old notebooks are hidden safely under my bed in a storage bin. Then ... we made this junk shelf into a real bookshelf, as my sister says!

(Just a note: I don't learn Latin from Latin For Dummies. I use Henle Latin.)

Aaahhh. Now, here's the pile by my bed; only books I'm reading, and books from the library.

I think I now know why there is that practice called "Spring Cleaning." There must be something about spring that shows up the dirtiness of your house. And spring is a time of newness.

(My apologies for the bad quality of the pictures. I had to edit them to make them brighter and not so ... yellow. *wrinkles her nose*)


Elenatintil said...

I had that problem in college! All I had my first year was the shelf above my the end of the year I had book piles scattered all around my room. My poor roommate!

Here's another cheap idea...use boards and big concrete blocks (you know, the 1x2 foot ones with the weird holes in them...) I have friends that use them, and I think my parents did that back in college too. You can even spray paint them if you want some color.

Anonymous said...

Hello, just found your blog and really enjoyed reading all your posts.

All those books everywhere reminds me of someone!!!
I have way to many books, theres a shelf and a cupboard full and boxes and boxes full.

And there always seems to be a (growing) pile near my bed.
And I keep getting more (love book sales!).

a book-a-holic

Alyosha said...

Hooray for a new bookshelf! And v. nice photos. Books are so fun to take pictures of aren't they? :P I do it far too often.

Hey, we have the same edition of the Narnia books, and Les Mis. McAfee translation right?

Delaney's reading Shadow of the Bear AGAIN? *shakes head* ;) Oh right, the reading group.
And the Roman Mysteries...I think I see a RM book in there somewhere...


Delaney said...

A fellow book-a-holic! Thank you for reading my blog!

Yes, the Roman Mysteries are from the library. I'm re-reading them all as my sister reads them for the first time. We're up to Fugitive from Corinth, and she's skipping Sirens too. :P

Yes, that's my McAfee translation, but I haven't read it yet. I just wanted to have it. :P