Thursday, May 15, 2008

Assorted News and Updates

I tried out for a play. Two plays, actually - The Comedy Of Errors and You Can't Take It With You. I will probably get a part in one of them, because there's so few people. I hope it's not mushy, though... Both roles I read at the audition were romantic leads. *gulp* However, I'm very happy that I went. When I was 10 I went to an audition and chickened out. *sigh* I had my song (Castle on A Cloud) all ready and everything. But when I saw the other little girls singing their songs with such feeling, I just couldn't do it. When I went to This Audition, I came in and almost left when the lady who greeted me handed me The Piece of Paper and said, "Could you fill this out, please?" I dropped the pen. Then, I filled it out, and started watching the people auditioning. It was Shakespeare. And funny. "I can't do this," I said to my mom. "You don't have to do this," she said. I didn't mean that I wanted to leave, and she knew it. So... Tuesday night was my first audition, and pretty much my first time acting. Exciting. :D

Some funny, semi-interesting conversations at my house:

Three-year-old Noah: "Blaaaaaauuugh! Mommy, Courtney won't let me brush her hair! Her hair is awful. I don't like it like that!"

Some boys were calling my little sister today and hanging up. My dad came home and put a stop to it. "Here," he said, "Let me answer it next time." We did. The phone rang, and he said, "San Francisco Police Department." Click. It was kind of funny... we don't even live in San Francisco!

Me, to my sister: "You're a lot more mature than some thirteen-year-olds your age."
Sister starts laughing hysterically.

We're seeing Prince Caspian TOMORROW! :D After a whole year of thinking we wouldn't be able to see it on May 16th... we ARE! And hopefully with Hannah and Lainey. (I would put a link to your blog, Lainey, but Blogger is being mean.)

The Midnight Dancers' first chapter is up on the website! (:D So is the prologue, but you have to hunt for it. (Hint, to Alyosha: It's on the chapter one page. On a picture. Find it, you. :P )

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