Friday, May 16, 2008

Prince Caspian (The Movie)


My sisters and I saw Prince Caspian with Hannah and Lainey, as I mentioned we would be doing in my previous post. My sister, Desirae was hopping and screaming with excitement, but I was feeling sick. Really stomach-sick, I mean. It wasn't nervousness, or excitement.

So... we got into the theatre without tripping over the rugs, or something dreadful like that. We had excellent seats in the very top row - why did we think it was going to be crowded? There was less than twenty people in the theatre.

When the movie actually started, I didn't even realize it. It was like I was numb or something. First, we see Queen Prunaprismia giving birth to Miraz's son, and then Cornelius waking Caspian up. It all moved very fast. During the credits, when Caspian was running away from the palace, with the Telmarine soldiers in pursuit, it started to hit me that this was IT! I had been waiting so long that I just gotten used to waiting... During that whole chase scene, I had my hands clasped underneath my chin, as if I was praying (I almost was). I finally put them down on the armrests, so I wouldn't look too strange.

Prince Caspian was just a better movie than The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. It was more emotional, more majestic, and funnier. And there was Reepicheep. The changes They made didn't bother me as much as they should have. ;) I don't even feel guilty about saying that!

My sister and Lainey were giggling every time Susan and Caspian looked at each other. When the movie was over, Hannah, Lainey, and my sisters were all laughing about The Kiss, and they thought I was, too. I was shaking, and I had my hands over my mouth. I tried not to... but when the Regina Spektor song started playing, and the Pevensie's went through the door, I couldn't bear it - I started crying. We're not talking about a little tearing up; that happened when Caspian hugged Susan. After they all went through the door, I started CRYING. I said to Hannah, "Oh, my gosh! That was so..." "Are you laughing?" she said, laughing herself. "No! Crying! I'm...crying!" I said, trying to act as if I wasn't going to go into total hysterics. It didn't work. I put my head on my lap and just burst into tears. Courtney came up to me, "See! What'd I tell you! It was AWFUL!" (Meaning The Kiss)

"No!" I said, "It was wonderful!"
She looked rather disturbed, "What, the kissing?"
"No," I moved my hands wildly, "Everything. All of it... in general."
"Are you laughing or crying?" she asked, disbelievingly.
"Both!" I nearly shrieked.

It's hard to move on, in a way, after seeing it. I feel like I felt after I finished reading Waking Rose, and Anne of the Island. Sort of ... lost. But happy.


Elenatintil said...

It really was a great movie. I didn't cry, but I was so drawn in and...just completely in love with the whole thing. I felt like I KNEW the characters. (Just realized that...)I think the costuming may have made it realer...but I was just so happy. I was smiling through so much of the movie. They got so much- probably 90-95% of it RIGHT! So I totally sympathize with all of your feelings.

Delaney said...

Yes, I felt like that, too! :) (Only I didn't pray for them... I did thank the Lord for the movie several times on the way home! :D )

By the way, did you take pictures of yourself in your purple Susan dress? :) I would love to see the finished project.

Elenatintil said...

Yes! I'll be posting the full pictures on the forum, and slightly edited ones on my blog. All the costumes turned out really well!

ShadowOfTheLion said...

*laughs* I GOT CHOKED UP TOO!!!
I was really moved at the end of it, I wanted to see it again SOOO badly! That it almost physically hurt. (You know what I mean?)

It was beautiful. The whole of it... I was deeply moved and it touched me. *sighs* And no, I didn't mind the touches of romance in it much either!
Mostly because I felt Susan's 'pain' of having unwanted attention, and I related to her! (in that way, at least)

Who was your favorite character?
and what was your favorite scene? :D