Friday, January 9, 2009

20 Questions

Today my little sister bought an electronic game of 20 Questions, similar to this one, but newer and pink. It works like a regular game of 20 Questions. But this thing is way smarter than any human being. It's creepy. Honestly.

So we've been trying to stump it.

We couldn't do it with "crucifix." My dad got it with "cigarette" which isn't surprising, considering it's a kid's toy. Then...

My dad thought of an object. My sister was reading the 20th question out loud at the dinner table.
Dad: "No."
Sister: "Ok... it's guessing... It guessed a feather."
Dad: "It -" He dropped his fork on the table. "You're kidding."
Sister: "Nope."
Dad: "That's AMAZING! How did it guess feather!?"

So then he was impressed.

Then later tonight, he thought of another object. "Guitar strings?" my sister said after the first question (he was playing his electric guitar at the moment).
Dad: "Don't say it out loud!"
Sister: "Pssh." She continued with the questions.
Then at the twentieth... they were both sure it would be stumped... and!
Sister: "... Ohmygosh. Guitar strings."
Dad: "NO WAY! You typed that in!"
Sister: "No, you can't type on it!"
Dad: "Let me see that. Let me get my glasses. " He got his glasses, peered at the strings, and freaked out. "NO WAY! That's not possible! That's creepy, man! It's because you said it out loud. I'm telling you, it's got a recording device!"

And NOW they're referring to the toy as "he."

Sister: "Oh, I know what you're thinking of. I heard you tell Desirae. HE heard it too.
Dad: "He better not have."
Sister: "I -"
Dad: "If it gets it, it's your fault!"

But Dad still wants to flush it down the toilet. He hates it passionately. "Stump that little pink rat-brain! Does it know what a toilet vortex is?" he told my sister Desirae.


Anonymous said...

LOL, ROFL, Delaney! Those things look so awesome, I've always wanted one. :D "He" would be so awesome to have. ;) Maybe when we chat you can pull "him" out, haha. Toilet vortex....hahaha!

Rebecca Joy said...

Oh, I've used those 20 Question things before; they're super fun. It's very creepy how 'smart' it is...

Q said...

I think I have stumped one of thsoe before with an oboe and a saxophone. I had instruments on the brain.

Owan said...

Your dad is amusing. ;) :D

Serendipity said...

LOL!!!! My little brother has one of those and it drive our family INSANE!! I'm glad that I'm not the only person who has come to the conclusion that "he" can hear things... I don't feel so much of an outsider now. =P I stumped it once with... something. I forget now...

Miss C.N.W. said...

I've always wanted to try one of those things out.

The Real Katie said...


The Other Katie said...

lol!! We have several of those (so people don't fight over just one) and it's absolutely scary how smart the darn thing is. We call it a "he" too. Mostly because of the stupid little comments it/he is always making between questions. None come to mind just now but they are SO ANNOYING!!
Anyhow, we have stumped it. Actually the first time I ever used on of those I stumped it. It was "hobbit". :-P muahahaha. But it is insane how many totally random things it gets! Recently I did "clothes hanger" AND IT WON!!!
And in spite of it all, these things are so addicting... probably because after it beats you 5 times in a row you vow to stump it or your honor is forfeit.

Delaney said...

The Other Katie - Exactly! It's a matter of honor! ;)