Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's going to be quite a week... (Please pray)

I'd like to ask my lovely readers for their prayers for my family this week. My sister and I are going to the West Coast March for Life this Saturday, which is going to be a long long long day (we'll get up at 3:00 AM to drive to another town and catch a bus with another church). Then the day after that, we have church and Production Week for The Music Man begins. So all next week will be long rehearsals - we'll get home at 11 PM at the earliest each night (we live an hour away from rehearsals and the theatre - yes, I know you'll think us crazy, but it's really not as insane as it sounds.) Then on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - PERFORMANCES!

I just don't know where I'm going to find time to rest! Please pray for all of us, my mom (our faithful driver :) ) especially, that we'll be able to find the energy we need, and keep our tempers with each other.

Thanks. :)

EDIT - Turns out that we're not going to the Walk For Life after all. My dad said not until we're at least 18. :P (So no, cuileann, I'm not going to be in your city today. :( ) But this does give me a chance to take it easy before Production Week begins, and I'm very grateful for that!


Q said...


Alyosha said...

Oh, ouch. Your poor introverted self. :P (March for Life? very cool, do let us know how it goes!)


Elenatintil said...

Wow, crazy! Yes, of course I will pray. And once all the craziness is over, do post and tell us how it went!

cuileann said...

What!? You're going to be in my city!!