Sunday, January 4, 2009

Humor from RinkWorks

When I need a laugh, I go to

Favorite pages:


Things People Said

In particular:

Courtroom Quotations

Patient Charts

Church Bulletins

Questions Asked Of Librarians



Owan said...

Haha! Very amusing.

Rebecca Joy said...

Brilliant. ;)
Thanks for the links!

Anonymous said...

I've loved Book-a-Minute since you first mentioned them at LRRH, and I showed them to my parents today and they find them HILARIOUS!! My mom and I especially love the Jane Eyre one. :D And I remember when you showed me the Church Bulletins one! Ha! Classic. :D Thanks for sharing again! :D

Marian Heart said...

I'm never sure whether to reply on MY blog post, or the commentor's blog post. o_O Preferences on that?

Firstly, thank you for your dedicated commenting on my blog posts. ^_^ Now, to answer your comment:
I am the unfortunate owner of a KodakEasyShare Z712IS. Well, maybe I'm being too harsh. I do owe it to the EasyShare for dragging me deeper into photography, but I regret the money that was spent on it. I am praying very hard that I can scrape up enough money to buy a nice DSLR one of these days (preferably this year), and I wish I had every penny of the 200+/- that was spent on this (rather fat) point and shoot.
As for editing, I use PhotoShop 07. Again, not the best, but photoshop CS is (miles) out of my price range, and 07 is really very good.
Haha, I'm glad to see you drooling, in this case. Normally I frown upon that sort of thing, but when it comes to photos, I consider it perfectly normal. :D

Marian Heart said...

Haha! Yes, it's coming around to that time of year for me too. I'll probably just ask for photography books...or money. I don't think mom and dad quite understand why I want a DSLR. For them it doesn't have to be artistic...just visible. But hopefully I can show them the error of their ways. ;)

Rose said...

Deyla! You CAN'T DO that to me!!!!! *laughs uncontrolablly* I almost pulled a muscle reading those Patient charts!!!!

Delaney said...

Sorry dear. *isn't sorry* Have you tried reading them to your family? That's way harder. :P

Marian Heart said...

Ah! Brian's comment on my puppy post (haha) reminded me of GIMP. It's completely free, and just as good as photoshop 07.

The Other Katie said...

I was rather indignant at some of the book-a-minutes (how dare they be so cruel to my favorite characters! *sniff*) but the church bulletins, patient charts and questions asked of librarians are HILARIOUS!!!

Hannah M said...

*peeks in*

I found you while searching for a RinkWorks-related link. I'm now curious, have you ever popped into the chatroom over at RinkWorks? If not, I'd suggest it. If you enjoy the entertainment, you might enjoy getting plugged into the community... full of people who like that kind of humor too. :)

If you're already a part of the community and I just have never seen your blog... *waves* Hi, it's ThePhan. Heh. I hang around in Chat all the time.