Thursday, February 14, 2008

Advice And Other Things

Some advice...

Never murder your rich relation in the hopes of inheriting his/her fortune. You'll be found out eventually, and you won't get the money anyway. Anyone contemplating murdering their rich aunt should read at least 10 Agatha Christie novels, and they'll realize what an incredibly stupid undertaking it would be.

Yes... I thought you'd all find this very helpful.

NarniaWeb got updated. I like it... sort of. It will take me quite a while to get used to it... Gosh, I was just starting to get used to the other changes. ;)

I have recently discovered there are not three quarters in this school year, as I thought, but four. Why didn't I think of that?


ShadowOfTheLion said...

*laughs heartily* Yes dearie, such WONDERFUL advice! You should sew that on a pillow!!! *ROFL* That's soooo funny! :P

I LOVE Agatha Christie! ;)

Hannah said...

That reminds me of our Random Advice list! *goes to look it up* I've got to send that to you!

Elenatintil said...

I love your's just...hilarious! =)

And I agree, the changes to the Narniaweb forum are more than a little disorientating. (okay...I don't think that's a I sound like Amy March! Hurrah!)

Delaney said...

Hehe! Next you'll be complimenting someone's riding skills by calling them a "perfect cyclops!" *grins*