Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Seven Sleepers - Ranting and Personality Types

I used to be crazy about The Seven Sleepers series by Gilbert Morris. Now that I'm re-reading them, I'm thinking - "What was I thinking?"

The first book wasn't so bad, but after that they all got extremely unoriginal. I'm always recognizing things from The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings. (Especially in The Lost Chronicles!) Here's how most of the books go:

Josh: *says something that makes Sarah blush*
Goel: Go here.
Troubled People: We have heard of Goel. We have heard of the prophecy. We have heard of the Sleepers. And there is a traitor among us.
"The Dark Lord:" Kill the Sleepers. Kill the Sleepers. Kill the Sleepers. If you fail, I'll kill you.
The Sleepers save everyone and don't get killed.
Josh: *says something that makes Sarah blush*
One of the Sleepers: Come on, let's go see what Goel has in store for us next!
The End.


Besides the lame plots:

Abbey is sometimes spelled "Abbey" and sometimes "Abbie." She has dark hair in the first book and blonde hair in all the rest.

Sarah's eyes are usually brown, but in the fifth book they're blue. Yes, both are lovely, but please just make up your mind.

We even have a rhyming prophecy. Hehe.

But for some unexplainable reason my sister and I find them immensely entertaining. No - looking back on this post, I see that it's not so unexplainable! *grin*

Anyhow...onto my favorite part. Personality types for the Sleepers. These are just my opinions and my sister's, of course.

Josh Adams - ISFJ, Phlegmatic-Melancholy
Sarah Collingwood - ESFJ, Phlegmatic-Sanguine (Extraverts can be a little shy...)
Jake Garfield - INTP, Choleric-Melancholy
Dave Cooper - xSTP, Melancholy-Choleric (maybe...)
"Reb" Jackson - ESTP, Choleric-Sanguine
Abigail Roberts - ESFP, Choleric-Sanguine
"Wash" Jones - ISFP, Phlegmatic-Sanguine

Or something like that. :) I figure we're close enough.


Laura said...

hurray! hurray! you have a blog!!
I really like how you called it Voices. It sounds awesome.
And I will have to look up these "Seven Sleepers" books. who are they by?

Anonymous said...

I like the Seven Sleepers! Waaaah! That's so mean!.......But I must admit, They can be a little cheesy.
Anyway, bye!