Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Day That Was Tuesday

I made my first real "enemy" today. He's a radio talk show host and he doesn't know that I exist, nor that he is my enemy. Today he was talking with people for at least 45 minutes on how he can't believe Catholics can believe what they believe and still hold their heads up.


What I was thinking, as I turned my rock-hard music up very high (Superchic[k] isn't exactly rock hard, but if you turn it up loud enough it's very satisfying when you're angry) and read The Queen of Attolia and STILL heard that man talking and talking and talking and swearing and talking, was "I'm going to pray for you, pal, and there's nothing you can do about it! Ha! Ha!"

I never heard what his name was, so I decided to name him Rob Tirsch after the "evil prince" in The Shadow of the Bear (I must have been feeling particularly disgusted with Rob at the time. I can't remember what I was thinking, though); he would be my enemy, and I was going to pray for him. But then I realized that I would be praying for him...for revenge. Which kills the entire point. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around that...

Anyhow. A lady with a beautiful little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes almost left her daughter's shoes behind in the parking lot of Baja Fresh. I tapped frantically on her window and held up the shoes. When she opened the door, took the shoes, and thanked me, it occurred to me that I had perhaps tapped too frantically, and I said, "Sorry." I don't know what I'm thinking sometimes.


Hannah said...

Oui, Delaney. *shakes head* You don't get the point of praying do you! Ok, ok, I get your point I'd probably do the same thing, I'm Orthodox were not that different! Ugg people like that disgust me. Perfect name, he's probably quite charming too, I think I'd call him an evil prince to his face. Hey it fits!

Delaney, you've become the town idiot. Why did I just say that? Remember that play you told me about with the town idiot? I started thinking about that, no..wait, the town busybody would be more becoming of you. "There she is, Delaney! The lady that picks up everybody's shoes!!!" LOL, I'm just kidding! I'm in a semi-hyper mood right now. I should really get off now before I get really bad. Goodbye!

Orious said...

Delaney has a blog?! How come I didn't learn about this earlier! *dies*

Are you still sick? I should certainly hope not! The talk show hosts on the radio that I listen to aren't so very bad, most of the time, they laugh at everything and are constantly making fun of each other and cracking jokes, they're fun to listen too. Though the host of the other radio station, the one whom I call "Marlar" rather oscillates between annoying and funny.