Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Supermarket Mystery

One of my favorite books ever is The Supermarket Mystery by Richard Scarry.


My mom has had the book since she was a little girl, she's read it to me and my sister many times, and now we read it to my brother. (Even though he prefers books we don't feel like reading to him) I'm surprised I haven't got it memorized. (I promise, I haven't. More Spaghetti, I Say, now that's a different story. But that's sort of a poem, so I'm allowed to quote it sometimes.)

Um... I don't really know why I'm gushing about it right now. I'm exceedingly attatched to it, but I'm not asking you to check it out from your library to read it. Ha. Ha. Ha.

I am not pleased with my computer. It keeps telling me I don't have Java Runtime installed when I DO. I oversaw the installation myself. I was there for the "YOU HAVE INSTALLED JAVA" part! :( And there's no ink in the printer.

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Orious said...

I find it necessary to pass this information on to you, I suppose because you are the first person I thought of. And isn't it nice when one knows one has been thought about? Anyway, we have a book for sale called Birthday Blizzard and it's illustrated by Molly Delaney. *grins* I skipped a breath when I saw your name.

Richard Scary used to be my favorite author when I was little, thought the mystery about the wedding on the ship was my absolute favorite I think. Back when it was my favorite I was at a book sale with my mother and a newspaper reported was in there and she asked me my name, my age, and which was my favorite author. Of course, she didn't bother to even understand what my seven year old mouth had to say and put "Richard Scary" in the newspaper under my photo. It's a great trail to me. Really.