Friday, March 7, 2008

If Only I Weren't So Wishy Washy!

"You could be king, Charlie Brown!
You could be king!

Lucy: If only you weren't so wishy washy."

Oh, if only I weren't so wishy washy! My blogging loyalties have now been split in half between Blogger and Wordpress. So, here is My Other Blog.

I'll try to keep up with both. You'll be able to check one or the other and read the same things. Unless I decide I like Wordpress better. Or Blogger. Hmm...

P.S. Ahem. In case you hadn't noticed, that link was the first I ever put on a blogpost. "I have solved the mystery!" ~ The Supermarket Mystery.


Orious said...

So, you read the Old-Fashioned Girl? The one by L. Alcott? Did you like it? I read that one, though I can't remember what it was about. It is a great trial to me, the fact that I can't remember anything after the space of two minutes. Makes me think of something my sister said...

"Maybe we're slowly going insane. Soon enough we shan't even wonder about towels in sinks, particularly when it was we who probably left them there."

Slowly going insane, sounds like something from a book, doesn't it?

Hurrah for you solving the Mystery! And I am the first to comment, unless there is someone else awaiting moderation, which means I am not first and I shall have to wait 'till next time to try again.

Delaney said...

You ARE the first! :D

I liked An Old-Fashioned Girl. It was sweet (first word that comes to mind) and it was fun to write about. The last chapter is kind of annoying though. Louisa May Alcott's love scenes are too sentimental for me. :P

Ack! The first link I put on a blogpost doesn't even seem to WORK. Blah. :P