Friday, March 7, 2008

The Post That Comes While Listening to Rock Music

I rarely listen to rock music. I prefer mellow, reflective music. I’m trying to decide whether rock music numbs my expression, making it harder to write a blogpost, or whether it brings out ideas and images that would stay hidden while listening to mellower music.

So now, while I’m listening to Fireflight’s album Unbreakable, let’s see what happens.

My sisters and I took our walk to the mailbox today. Our mailbox is about 1 mile from our house, so it’s a good walk. Unfortunately the scenery is nothing special - if you look down there’s dirt road, and if you look up the sun gets in your eyes. Look to the left: Houses, sagebrush, horses. Look to the right: Houses, sagebrush, horses. And maybe some goats.

We talk a good deal, which helps. Today we talked about dragons, and the world’s apparent fixation with them. Take a moment and think about all the fantasy books and series with the word dragon in the title. Then think of the ones that don’t have dragons in the title, but plenty in the story. Then the conversation switched somehow to our favorite dragon story, My Father’s Dragon. It may be written for a young audience, but I need to reread it. We have it and its sequels in one volume somewhere. I have such good memories of reading that book. Perhaps it’s because it’s not about dragons and armor and swords and battles. Not that I don’t like books with swords and battles. I just don’t like them when dragons are involved. But perhaps Eragon is a very poor sampling of dragon-battle-sword book.

I’m re-reading Emma by Jane Austen right now. Look for a blogpost on it when I’m finished. Er… actually… I probably shouldn’t say that. I may be too lazy to think of any thoughts on it when I’m finished. I ought to start taking notes. I’m not very far in, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

I have this very strange idea that if I have something pointful (I’m sure I didn’t make that word up. Some other crazy person must have) to blog about, it must be part of its own post, with its own title, and not under some title like The Post That Comes While Listening To Rock Post, which implies rambling and writing whatever comes to mind. So when you see a post title like that, don’t expect much.

Okay. Well, that went better than I expected it to! I didn’t say anything depressing or angry, but no brilliant thoughts came out either. Maybe rock music really does numb my powers of expression.


Elenatintil said...

I love "My Father's Dragon"! It is so sweet and charming. Did you read the two sequals to it?

Delaney said...

I read the second one, but I never finished the third. :)

Orious said...

Well, I do feel a little bit silly coming and saying "Ooo! My Father's Dragon, I loved that book! Oh for the time when I attempted to lure all my siblings into it's magical properties by reading it to them!" But then, that would be the second time I came and said that, so maybe I shouldn't...? But I can't really say anything about My Father's Dragon without saying exactly what you said, so, erm, I'll just pretend you didn't mention it and hope you don't mind. *looks innocent*

*looks up FireFlight because Fauni is listening to it, and if Fauni is listening to it then we aught to see whether or not we like it*

*turns it off* Nope, don't like it, sounds like SuperChic[k] which I don't like either. No wonder you say "no brilliant thoughts came" --which isn't quite true-- I'm sure music of that sort would scare away any brilliant and instilling thoughts...I think. *shrug* Just not yours, I do like reading your posts, honest.

Do you really think rock music is depressing, or angry-like, or do you just think it induces those kinds of thoughts? I suspect I aught not to say whether or not the music I listen to that is rock does so to me because, well, I'm not really sure whether I listen to rock or not, not really sure what genre I listen to. I suppose I aught to figure that kind of think out.

Matt said...

Fireflight's Unbreakable is one cool song. Just thought I'd say that, to be different.