Sunday, March 30, 2008

Adventures That May Or May Not Be So

Oh, my goodness! You’re not going to believe what happened to me. You’re simply not going to believe it!

Okay, so I was just walking around the yard when suddenly, I saw a rabbit bounding into the sagebrush. And this wasn’t an ordinary brown rabbit with a fluffy white tail. This rabbit had a pocket-watch and a waistcoat! Having read the right sort of books, this wasn’t as shocking to me as it could have been. But I was still very surprised.

So I followed the waistcoated rabbit - I mean, wouldn’t you?

I had to cut through the sagebrush, which slowed me down a bit, and pretty soon I lost sight of the rabbit. Then just as I was about to turn back I fell into a hole that I’m positive wasn’t there before today. It was a little big for a rabbit hole, but maybe the rabbit was some kind of rabbit king or something. He looked pretty important, with his great gold pocket-watch.

I fell a long way. I had a big headache by the time I hit the bottom - hard. I did manage to snatch a book from a falling shelf on the way down, so I had something to do as I fell. (The book was on Uglification. Fascinating!)

Some very strange things happened to me after I landed. I’ve learned to be careful about strange foods, because nearly everything I ate in the strange land disagreed with me in some way! And I now know the dangers of being a cry-baby, and I never want to see a rabbit again!

Oh, yes. I had tea with a mad hatter. And I talked to a mad cat that sometimes didn’t have a whole body. And almost got my head chopped off by a mad queen. Everyone was mad there.

Pardon me, I must run. The looking-glass is…melting.


I’m really bored and have nothing to post. That’s why I was Alice today. ;)


Elenatintil said...

LOL! That is hilarious! Dear me...I'm not an Alice in Wonderland fan (despite the fact that our dear Rose Brier IS) but I still found that quite amusing.

And I'm delighted to finally see another post from you!

Delaney said...

Even if it's just a nonsense-post? :P Thank you. I'm going to try to post more. It would help if I could find I layout I like.