Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Here I Am

Well... here I am.

Since Alyosha was the first person who suggested I ought to get a blog, this post is sort of dedicated to her. ;)

I don't feel I ought to start right off on the "interesting" stuff, so I'll just finish up this post and post What's Coming Next (a bit of ranting about The Seven Sleepers series by Gilbert Morris) presently.

One more thing: I hate HTML. A lot. I need my sister to help me figure out how to get a link on here...and...a lot of other stuff.



Alyosha said...


*dances around excitedly at the joyousness of it all*

I like the title.

Oh good, book-rants are always interesting. Is that that series that's more or less a Narnia clone?

And...yeah, that's all. oh, and it's terribly nice of you to say "Alyosha suggested I ought to get a blog" instead of the more truthful "Alyosha has been verbally harassing me to get a blog for longer than I care to think about." *nods*

Delaney said...

Oh, yes. They're very similar to Narnia. In The Lost Chronicles there's a marshwiggle type character who is a major pessimist... and there's a Christ-figure, and such. Yeah. They're lame, but sort of fun. The dialogue is so corny that my sister and I read it aloud to each other and laugh over it.