Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Galadriel In The Mall

I love my NarniaWeb-triplets, Theophila and Bookwyrm. Theo is so sweet, with a decidedly mischievous streak; and Booky has a shiny moderator-hat and makes me laugh every time I talk to him. We used to talk almost every night on NarniaWeb's chat thread, and this is one of our conversations.

A Brief History: Bookwyrm's first avatar/signature set was of Gandalf, and Theo's was of Susan Pevensie. So I had a dream in which I met both of them in my local grocery store: Booky, looking like Gandalf's twin, was stooped over the shopping cart, and Theo, in Susan's green archery dress, was following. Strange dream. But Bookwyrm was Gandalf forever after that. So one night...

Bookwyrm: We ought to form a NW version of the Wise. I'm Gandalf of course. Who wants to be Elrond and Galadriel?

About this time, I think my laptop's dial-up internet went wonky and I was gone.

Theophila: I'll be Galadriel.

After all, I did get her as well as Elrond and Frodo on that LotR character quiz. Also there's a slight resemblance between us when I smile.


Faunius, I think you're Elrond...

Bookwyrm: I doubt anyone wants to be Radagast or Saruman.

The next night, I complained about being stuck with Elrond, and Theo giggled at my distress. They quoted the previous conversation for me, and told me if I had been paying attention I might have gotten out of being Elrond. Then we had the following conversation...

Does that mean you have a creepy smile, Theo? 'Cause I always thought Galadriel looked a little creepy when she smiles.

*gives Bookwyrm a warning look* Just because I'm Galadriel right now doesn't mean I can't still give a Susan glare, you know.

I should try a creepy, wise Galadriel-smile on people sometime and see what they do...

Bookwyrm: I'll stick to stern Gandalf frowns. And maybe shouting (Insert Name), you fool!

(This right here is my favorite part of the conversation...)

Or, "Fool of a (Insert Last Name)!!"

I think I should go to the mall wearing elvish clothing and smiling in a creepy-wise-Galadriel fashion. Then I could walk up to random strangers, hand them the sort of mini-flashlights that go on keychains, and say, "May it be a light to you when all other lights go out." But I have nothing Elvish to wear.

If I did that, though, I could ride up and down on the escalators waving gently to anyone passing by.

Bookwyrm died laughing somewhere around here.

Bookwyrm: *comes back to life after having bought a nifty new outfit at the Gap of Rohan* White is the new grey, right?

Me: Be creative, Theo! Maybe Desirae will make you an Elvish cloak.

Theophila: The new look is good for you, Gandalf. But really, it might be a little impractical. White is so hard to maintain...

During the next part of the conversation we discussed someday dressing up at some random mall, playing imaginary instruments. (We were all part of a virtual rock band called the "Air Band." Haha.)

Theophila: I love it!! That'd be amazing. (I wonder if we'd get arrested and taken to the insane asylum.)

Me: We probably would. Three people playing imaginary instruments, in poorly made Lord of the Rings costumes...

Fauny, maybe by then we'll be playing real instruments better than we do now. Of course, we still might be arrested for the poorly made LotR costumes...

Bookwyrm: I imagine they get lots of weird LOTR fans over in Britain though.

Theophila: Probably you're right, Bookwyrm. But I'm sure we could manage to be even weirder. And we must do Narnia stuff, as well.

Delaney, wearing a flowing green dress and strumming a mandolin, approaches a random stranger at the mall.
"Where arrrrrrre you going?" she trills melodically.
"Um... to Barnes & Noble."
"Rrrrrreally? Why, what a funny name! 'Barrrrnes & Noble! What is that?"
"Er... a bookstore? You know, where the sell... books."
"Books? Therrrre arrrre no such things as books."
"Books do not exist. It is all in your imagination. Books do not exist."
"Books do not exist..."

Or we could run around the mall in WW2 era clothing playing hide and seek while listening to the Andrews sisters.

No... I forgot. THAT is my favorite part of the conversation.

Bookwyrm thought it was pretty funny too.

Bookwyrm: Faunius actually looks a bit like my mental version of the LOTGK. Who should we be?

Me: That's great, Theo. You know what's even funnier? I can't roll my r's at ALL! Desirae was trying to teach me, and the only sound I could make was:
Really Booky? I do? Then I just have to learn how to roll my r's.

Bookwyrm: Or we could dress up as [Dufflepuds] and go around agreeing with each other.

''That's a shoe, boys.''

That it is, chief. What a smart Chief you are!''

''So wise!''

It's okay, Fauny-dear, I can't trill my r's either. Goodness, Bookwyrm! First you say my smile is creepy, now you say Fauny looks like the Emerald witch! Just kidding, of course. I'm not yet sure who we should be EDIT: But we're girls.

(This last statement was in response to Booky's "That's a shoe, boys.")

Then I said bitterly:

Me: Yeah Theo, we're girls, and I'm ELROND!

Bookwyrm: I can trill my r's. *looks smug*

Theophila: I just realized that Galadriel has a somewhat low voice. Does that mean I have to speak lowly when we go to the mall?

Bookwyrm: Well, we could get a megaphone for you, Theo and you could talk lowly into it.
Or we could find balconies, one for Elrond and one for Galadriel and you could pretend to speak to each other with your minds. Or Theo could walk up to people and say ''Welcome Frodo Baggins, one who has seen THE EYE'' or whatever Galadriel said. And do it with dramatic eye widdening.

And that was sort of the end of the conversation. I still laugh, reading it for the tenth time (Yes, I'm very nostalgic). They're such marvelous people.

By the way the conversation was slightly edited from it's original form.


Anilee said...

rofl. Tres funny, Delaney.

I'd love to see you guys do any of those things at the mall. I'd wish I'd have the courage to join it. ;)

Elenatintil said...

Hahahaha...that's hilarious...

I have costumes you three could borrow for your mall excursion...although my Elrond actually has the Elrond outfit...but I'm sure I could borrow it back! (wink wink)

Alyosha said...


That is all.

Poor Radagast, I'm his only fan. *sniff*

Poor Thea, she only ever posts in the Birthday Committee threads now. *weep*

*rushes off in an metaphorical flood of metaphorical melodramatic tears*


Raewyn said...

That's so funny, Delaney! I want to be a part of it! Please? *puppy dog eyes*

I can be Eustace: "I wish the Magician would make them inaudible instead of invisible!"

"Eh, he can't put things the way our Chief does. But you'll learn young man. Hark to him. He'll show you how to say things. There's a speaker for you!"

You guys chat every night?

Delaney said...

@Anilee- Well, I'm the one who has to be Elrond. That takes courage. *grumble* :P

@Elena- Oh, that's right! I forgot about your movie.

@Aly- Do you think I don't know that? ;) I'm so happy you like it so far!

@Grace- No, not anymore. We used to, over a year ago. We had such grand times then. :) I did get to talk to Master Bookwyrm last night, which was very fun.

*loves the Dufflepuds*

Hannah said...

I think you told me about that once....or maybe it was something very close. Anhow that was hilarious!!! How come you can't watch your dreams from the side so you can crack up while you're dreaming!?!

I will call you tonight, I just haven't had time to reply to your e-mail. :)

Geesh, you update a lot! I really need to keep up on your blog! :D

Alyosha said...

What, you like Waking Rose? Liek, srsly?!!11

BTW, did you ever analyse any characters besides the four (well, five now) main ones? I think Kateri is an ESTJ, and the Cor guys seem rather ExTP-ish...