Monday, June 23, 2008

What? My house is not a mess!

I only step on toys because we have five kids in our house! So there!

There seems to always be one certain toy on the ground on the way to my room. It's a stuffed car from the movie, Cars. For those of you who have seen the movie, it's Tow Mater. If you kick him, throw him, punch him, or step on him he talks. So lately, when I'm walking to my room and not paying attention, I step on this toy. He shouts, "OUCH!" and I jump. Then, as I walk away, he says reproachfully, "Dang. That thar wasn't very nice."

I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to post lately. Things have been busy. I don't even want to talk about the schoolwork I still have to finish, and then this Shakespeare play: I love love love it, but it's completely taken over my brain. But here is a list of a few posts I'm going to write in the nearish future:

On Dreams - mine, to be more exact. My story-ish dreams, and my dreams about The Fairy Tale Novels books, and other book-related dreams.

My thoughts on The Midnight Dancers - this one is way overdue, and is getting put off until after I finish all my schoolwork, so I have time to re-read it properly.

A funny conversation between me and my dear adopted "triplets," Theophila and Bookwyrm of NarniaWeb, aka Galadriel and Gandalf (I'm Elrond...)

On Comedy of Errors rehearsals, my first experience with seeing Shakespeare read and acted right in front of me, and our nine-year-old (and female!) Duke.

There were a few more, but I forgot all about them. Ah, well.


Lady Rose said...

Oh! I want to here that conversation! Sounds like it would be interesting!

Delaney said...

Oh, it is. I'll probably post it today.