Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Sister

I think my sister and I spend too much time together...

Today at our church's annual barbecue, a band was playing oldies music, and my four-year-old brother was clapping along. Desirae and I smiled at him, and I started talking about how it's neat that music is so important in our family - it's like we're born with a love for it. Zoe is absolutely mesmerized when my dad plays guitar, Noah claps along to music and likes me to teach him the words to songs; my dad and his brothers all played guitar, his brother Markie had a huge (and rather famous) guitar collection, and his mom plays piano and organ. On my mom's side of the family, both my mom and her sister sing. I've always taken it for granted that we're such a musical family. I was talking to Desirae about this, and finished with, "...and we have an appreciation for all different kinds of music..." And then Desirae interrupted with, "Wow, that's so weird! I was just thinking about musical appreciation a few minutes ago." We laughed. Things like that have happened before: sometimes we joke that we can read each other's minds.

Then just now, I was reading an Agatha Christie short story, "...the past, which cannot be altered..." someone said. And my train of thought wandered for a few second s to the movie Meet The Robinsons, which involves time-travel and wanting to alter the past, then found its way back to the story. Not one minute later Desirae quoted randomly from Meet The Robinsons, "I love baseball. It's my destiny to play that game." Haha!

"How do people make it through life without a sister?" ~Sara Corpening


Q said...

I love sisters. I have two--together we're the Dashwoods. No joke.

Delaney said...

My sister and I are more like Jane & Lizzy.

(with my other sister as Lydia? Hm... no, she's far more sensible than Lydia. But when she has her friend over, they make as much noise as Lydia and Kitty.)

Ani Isilee said...

My older sister and I are definitely like Jane and Lizzie. It's almost scary sometimes. ;)

Yay for sisters!

Courtney said...

lol :)! how people can get through life with out a sister, i truly have no idea! my sister and i share many things together, including laughs, style, fun, friends, and oh so much more! yes, we're probably Jane and Lizzy as well. i love pride and prejudice!
i can't tell you how much of a refreshing delight it is to hear that you and your sister get along so well! so many siblings quarrel and squabble constantly about small and lame things! they truly have no idea what they have.

Elenatintil said...

My sister and I haven't figured out what sister pair we are...I'm six years older than her, so naturally I'm more mature (and wiser) but sometimes I think she's more sensible and I'm more romantic. So if we were Marianne and Elinor- I don't know which of us would be which!

For awhile we were Blanche and Rose- but I really have more in common with Rose than she does. Plus she has decided that she likes Paul now. And I like Bear. (And I'm a choleric, so my personality is actually more like Fish!)

So I don't know who we *are*. But we sure do love each other!

Sisters rock!

bookbutterfly said...

Wow, that's so neat, Delaney! I don't have any sisters at all. Maybe you and your sis were meant to be twins, since you can read each other's minds! :D