Monday, June 2, 2008

A Properly Made Sandwich

I talked to Laura today. It was a very important conversation, because we hadn't talked in a while. During this conversation, Laura joined and became addicted to GoodReads.

Laura: *thinks about joining*
Me: thinks (evilly) about getting Laura to join in the addiction ;)
Laura: lol
I become addicted to stuff verrrry easily :P Beware.
Me: *jumps in the air and clicks her heels*

And it was as simple as that!

Now on the title of this post: A Properly Made Sandwich.

Sandwiches are very important. That's why a properly made sandwich is so important. To me, at least. We'll talk about a simple turkey, cheese and lettuce sandwich, and the order the contents must be in:

On the first piece of BREAD, I put the MUSTARD.
On top of the MUSTARD goes the LETTUCE.
The TURKEY goes on top of the LETTUCE
Then the CHEESE
Then the other piece of BREAD.

It is very important that the lettuce and cheese are NOT next to each other. I couldn't say why, but it just IS. I don't mind it so much on hamburgers, but they are a whole different blog post.

The Midnight Dancers came out yesterday!!! We ordered our copy, and judging from past LuLu experience, the book should be here on June, the 9th.


Q said...

Oh dear. I can't stand lettuce or mustard on a sandwich unless it's from Subway.

Courtney said...

lol :D i love sandwiches, and your suggestion sounds delicious! i usually put bread-mayo-cheese-onion-tomato-turkey-bread and then grill it like a panini! yum! :)

Alyosha said...

Your sandwich method sounded quite perfect until you got to--*chokes*--"MUSTARD." *chokes again and is glad that no one dictates sandwiches in this country* (At least not yet.) Aaaaaugh.

Three cheers for Delaney and her powers of getting-other-people-addicted-to-things-that-are-certainly-good-for-them!

Delaney said...

Maybe I should try to get YOU addicted to mustard, Aly. No, I'm not addicted to it. It just works on turkey sandwiches. For me. I had a tuna and cheese sandwich today. Mustard would NOT have worked there... gross...

Alyosha said...

^Blogger doesn't like very long words apparently; how tragic.

No no, Goodreads is the thing that is worth getting addicted to. Not mustard. :P