Thursday, August 28, 2008

Amusing Algebra

Courtesy of Teaching Textbooks: Algebra 1:

"Dryer #1 ate a few socks, but only a few, and dryer #2, the semi-selfish one, had the nerve to eat 4 more socks than #1. However, it was the last dryer - dryer #3 - that was the virtual sock-eating monster. In its short but turbulent life, it actually consumed 7 more socks than #2 did. If all three dryers ate a total of 51 socks, how many did dryer #1 eat?"

This is my kind of problem. It's weird and random and easy.


Q said...


Courtney said...

LOL :D i feel like i laugh with every post of yours :)!! we do Teaching Textbooks as well, which i love btw, and yes, their questions are completely awesome! :D

Delaney said...

Well, I'm so glad my blog makes you laugh! :D But I bet Andy Gullahorn's blog could make you laugh more (check out

Yay, another Teaching Textbook student!

Amanda said...

Weird. Don't you just love weird math though? It's great.