Sunday, August 3, 2008

Of Guitars

Guitars here are a part of the family. My dad and his family have a huge guitar collection: all kinds of guitars, from rare to cheap, from very old to somewhat old (the collection has stopped growing now), electric and acoustic. "The Collection" as my dad calls it, was also a pretty good moneymaker, and apparently rather popular in Hollywood. I don't know how many movies "our" guitars have appeared in, but I know for sure that a few of them are in The Color Purple.

Most of the guitars in The Collection are in my grandpa's garage, but we have a few at our house, and a few others. So let me introduce you to the guitars in our home:

First, here is my own left-handed guitar, an Ibanez:

I love it because it's mine to play, and name, and tune and bang up and carry around with me. It doesn't have a name yet, though. Needless to say, this guitar is NOT in the Collection. ;)

This is my dad's Alvarez, signed inside by the maker, Kazuo Yairi.

This is the Martin. This small kind of guitar is known as a "parlor guitar." It's very old - over 130 years - and in these pictures, it looks every day of its age! It's got cracks in the body, and broken strings, but four years ago it was in better shape, and was the guitar I started learning on. Clasical guitars can be restrung left-handed or right-handed because the bridge is level.

This guitar, "the Taylor" is another one that's not in the collection, but it has a kind of fun story. My dad was told about some drawing that his work, or a business associated with his, was having. The prizes were two Taylor acoustic/electric guitars (if you hook them up to an amp they magically sound like electric guitars). My dad entered, and won. He never told us he had entered, so we were pretty surprised when he came home carrying an unfamiliar, cloth guitar case.

This is "the Musser". It hasn't been played in a while, because it's got a buzz in a few of the strings, but I really really love this guitar. It's got such a beautiful color:

It looks so plain at first, until you see the decoration around the sound-hole (mother-of-pearl, perhaps, or mock-mother-of-pearl):

And then this... this is the Gibson. The Gibson "Southern Jumbo."

Out of all the guitars we have in our home, this is my favorite. I love the dark, rich colors, and the full, beautiful sound it makes, even with its old strings. I love how it looks like it was my dad's favorite, too. It's all beat up around the pickguard from hard playing:

I grew up around these guitars, and I'm only now learning to appreciate each one. So don't worry if you look at these pictures and think, "Mmm... pretty... but what's the big deal?" There is no big deal. I just like guitars. My dad likes them. His brother, when he was alive, liked them (he did most of the collecting and business). I guess it runs in the family.


Anonymous said...

That is so cool, Delaney. :)

Orious said...

The Gibson is my favorite. Very lovely! Do you have any Gretch's? They're my favorite.

*wants to learn to play quitar* I almost bought one off eBay the other day. It was signed by the Newsboys, how could I help it?

Delaney said...

Hm... how long have Gretch guitars been around? If they've been around for more than 20 years, we probably have at least one in the collection, but none that I've seen. Next time I'm at my grandpa's house I'll ask my dad can get a few of the guitars out for me to look at.

Haha, that sounds so YOU! :D You really ought to try to learn guitar - think of all the Newsboys songs you could play! It's hard at first, and I gave up for a long time, but, even though I'm not really good (especially since I've been playing for three years) I still really enjoy it.

Anidori-Isilee said...

My dad and brothers play guitar. My younger brother plays the electric, and my older brother plays the Martin (I've actually been to the factory; it's not far from where I live).

bookbutterfly said...

Awesomeness, Delaney! I love playing guitar, too. I'm not entirely sure what kind of guitar I have (it's really my dad's and all I know about it is that it's a 6-string acoustic :P ), but all those guitars you have look cool! That's so neat how some of them were autographed or in movies or are all fancily designed. :D

Delaney said...

@Anilee- Now that's a field-trip I'd love to go on. :P

@Chris - My dad says there are some Gretch guitars in the collection. I'm guessing the newsboys use those kinds of guitars... ;)

Megan said...

I like all of the guitars! I use to play the guitar once upon a time, but I don't anymore.

Kaila said...

I LOVE your Gibson. That's my dad's favorite "brand" of guitar.

I have an acoustic Fender that I got for my 15th birthday. It's awesome. It's got a little bit of buzz but it plays great. I need to clean the strings and oil the fretboard.

How did you learn to play?

Delaney said...

I learned mostly from my dad, I had a few "real" lessons, and the rest I learned from books. Hence, I am not very good. :P