Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chesterton Academy

Oh my word!

Chesterton Academy in Minnesota

Check out their curriculum! This high school has got "DREAM SCHOOL" written all over it. The Math, Science, and Language page doesn't interest me too much, but look at that Humanities and the Arts page! AAAAAHHHHH! The Man Who Was Thursday!!! Les Miserables!!! Apologetics, philosophy, Shakespeare, acting, art, music, playwriting,, I want to go there for 11th or 12th grade. ;)

The only problem is that we don't exactly have $5500 dollars to spare.

Oh yeah, one of the best things about this school? They have no gym classes planned.


Courtney said...

LOL! :D yes Delaney, that sounds like your type of school!! i don't know how old you are, nor what grade you are in, but, i do know that God is faithful and that He wants the desires of our hearts! if i were you, i would talk to Him about it! if you are to go to that school, and He wants you there, YOU'LL BE THERE!! financial difficulty is nothing to Him! :D He's so awesome and has been showing me just how great and big He really is! i'll be talking to Jesus about this desire of yours, and that He would give you and your parents wisdom about it!

Delaney said...

Thanks, Courtney! *hugs* :)

Oh, and I'm 15, going into 10th grade.

Raewyn said...

We're the same age! *hugs her* Whee!

Hee's two a.m. over here and I'm meandering around your blog. I made cheesecake a few hours ago, so now it's going in the fridge, oh, and I just killed a cockroch...UGH! I hate and loathe those nasty things. :P

That school sounds really cool. Ooh and Wicked sounds so awesome! Okay I need to see it now. I keep hearing Elphaba talk about it.

It's a book, and a movie? What do you recomend first? I'd never seen or heard anything of it before the forum. Anyways, that is great that you guys got to go see it. :)

Your sister's not a skirt person? What about you?

I love your blog...

What are you doing for school, Delaney?

I need to come to California and look you up! :D

Delaney said...

I've never really had many run-ins with cockroaches, thankfully.

I wouldn't recommend the book, at least not until you're older, because I've heard it's definitely adult. But I don't even know if I'll want to read it when I'm older, because it sounds sort of offensive... It's not a movie, which means one can only see it onstage. And tickets are expensive, unless you get a group discount, which we did with our home-school group. :)

I'm definitely a skirt person! I wear them almost every day. :D I wear jeans, too, but I like skirts best.

Aww, thanks. :D

We do Seton. It was really hard last year, but I'm really excited about it this year, now that I know what mistakes I made in scheduling and pacing. We're probably starting next week or the week after...

Yeah, you do. ;) Then we can have a tea party. LOL. :D

Courtney said...

lol! :D my sister is 15! i've actually been wondering how old you are for some time. i should of just asked :)!

Miss C.N.W. said...

That's awesome! I wish we had that when I went to high school! A little on the expensive side though.

Elenatintil said...

Wow...if I were Catholic and still in High School and hadn't loved being homeschooled...

I do hope they manage to make it work. Private schools can be so hard to start.

Anonymous said...

Wow, no gym classes sounds like bliss. ;)